Duets Professional Engraving Materials

Duets is designed for sign and engraving companies that require high-quality engraving substrates for badges, nameplates and ADA/Wayfinding signage. It is available as either an ABS plastic designed for rotary engraving or impact-modified acrylic designed for laser engraving.

They are currently 37 color combinations available for ABS Duets, and 57 combinations available for impact-modified acrylic Duets. Sheets are 1/16" thick and are available in three sizes: Full size 24" x 49" sheets, Half size 24" x 24" sheets, and Quarter size 12" x 24" sheets. And coming this summer, Gemini plans to add additional color combinations and thicknesses, including:

• Clear matte material for reverse engraving (in thicknesses of .060" and .030")

• .030" material in common colors designed for laser use

• .020" material with or without pre-applied adhesive designed for laser use

If you have been using someone else for your engraving stock needs and are not sure what the comparable Duets sheet stock is, just give us the part number and we will match it with a comparable alternative. We also offer free samples so you can see exactly what you will be getting. In addition, custom color combinations are available and no minimum quantity required — all for the same price!